Why Seo&Go?

Seo&Go is the first artificial intelligence-based SEO tool that can boost your rankings, traffic, and leads with no effort. The platform provides keywords research, on-page optimisation, and link-building recommendations to help you get more organic traffic from Google.


The Old Way of Doing SEO

Most people have to hire expensive marketing agencies with no accountability for results just to get their basic SEO done


The New Way of Doing SEO

When AI and experts
join forces

You only need one!
We’ve combined AI-based smart SEO tasks with even smarter expert support to create the perfect SEO solution in the market. Taking the hassle away from you and even keeping you in full control. 

AI-based smart tasks

Track all the issues in your website, get actionable tasks to fix all issues, detailed guides, and track the progress of your SEO efforts

Expert SEO support

Facing any issue and not able to fix it … Worry no more, your dedicated SEO expert is just a click away. Manage all your conversations and open tasks from a single dashboard.


All Our Features That Make us The Best

Actionable SEO tasks

Our intelligent AI engine automatically generates smart SEO tasks based on your website.

Step by step SEO guides

Detailed guides and explainer videos with all SEO tasks which can easily help you to boost your SEO

Optimize and promote your keywords

Smart tasks that help you promote keywords relevant to your business.

Smart SEO score

An intelligent SEO score that accurately represents your current SEO performance.

Personal SEO expert

Our system automatically assigns you an SEO expert based on your website and Industry when you join Seo & Go.

Support ticket tracking

Track all your open issues and get help for any SEO task that you want.

Step by step guidance by an SEO expert

SEO experts guide you on all the steps that you need to take in order to improve your website ranking.

Keyword rank tracking

Real-time rank tracking of keywords in google search results.

Competitor analysis

See how your keywords perform in comparison to your competitors.

All languages and google locations

Supporting 100+ languages and Google local domains

SEO Tasks

Seo tasks tailored to the website that shows you step by step how to improve your site ranking

SEO Expert Support

Get help from our SEO expert for any question you might have. We are here to help you 24/7

Our Customers Get Results


of our customers improve their ranking in in Google in 3 months 

30 days

is the average time to start seeing improvement in your Google ranking 


SEO tasks usually generated in the first month 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our propriety AI engine visits all your website pages , after analysis more than 10,000 data points it comes up with best possible actions to improve your ranking.

All of our experts have multiple years of experience  and have helped hundreds of websites rank higher in google . So through our in app support ticketing system they guide you through each step.

Yes , in our top tier plans the Support experts will make some technical fixes to your website also which you need to previously give to a developer.

No we don’t have any rate limits , all keywords you add to promote will be tracked based on your reporting period in real time .

This depends on your plan , in the base free plan we give 5 business keywords that you can promote .

Yes we use our proprietary technology for localised results , and you can get rank tracking by setting any country with a supported google region. All countries available in google search can be used for rank tracking on our platform.
Currently we support keyword ranking from google results , support for more search engines will be added in the future.
Yes we support rank tracking across desktop and mobile platforms
This depends on the reporting frequency you have set in your plan.
Yes we do have a very simple to use dashboard and reporting mechanism, all rank tracking of your keyword’s their position change , competitor analysis and how your keywords are performing against your competitors is available. All of these reports and analytics are also available via instant email notifications .

What Our Customers Say About Us

Read some of the reasons why customers love our product . We are sure you will too.

“The easiest SEO software I have ever used!”

Joseph Coven


“Ever since I have started using Seo & Go , I don’t have any need to reply on expensive SEO agencies , I just follow the Smart tasks and do my SEO “

Mark Lodge


“Seo & Go has helped me get 5 of my business keywords on the first page of google results , I am so happy with the value it delivers “

Travis Lopez

Co-Founder Marketiser

“The customer support level is the best I’ve ever seen, and they’re constantly adding new features and improving the existing ones.”

Jack Hadley

Head of Growth

“Ever since I starting using Seo & Go , the way our company approached doing SEO has been redfiend , we now just monitor the smart tasks Seo & Go has provided us and all of our process is streamlined “

Pay Cue

Co Founder

“ Seo & Go has been a lifesaver for our business , it has saved us thousands of dollars that we previously spent on outsourcing now we just have one of our team members monitor the dashboard for periodic tasks and things have been going really well for our brand”



“Being a small business owner I wanted to grab more leads online , but all of the tools out there that help with SEO are either too expensive or too complex to use .Signing up for Seo & Go has been amazing as it offers the best value for money and is very easy to use.”



“Amazing UI and easy to use platform , hats off to the Seo & Go team “


Growth Engineer

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