Google is the most used search engine in the world and they want to give you what you’re looking for. They do this by ranking pages based on relevance, uniqueness, popularity and how fresh it is. This post will give you 10 tips that can help improve your rankings in Google so that more people find your content when they are searching for something related to your industry or niche.

  1. Add more images to your posts
  2. Make sure you have a clear and concise call-to-action at the end of each post
  3. Use keywords in your titles, subtitles, and meta descriptions to increase search engine optimization
  4. Include links back to your site in all social media posts for increased traffic
  5. Write guest blog posts on other sites with relevant content
  6. Share links on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter

Many online entrepreneurs only focus on long-tail keyword phrases that match their products and services. This is a mistake because you should also consider the level of competition for each phrase to see if it’s worth your time or not.

Making sure meta tags are optimized

Meta tags are a crucial part of your site because they can provide more context and give you the opportunity to improve keyword rankings. To prevent any drop in ranking from happening, make sure that all essential meta information is filled out for each page on your website: title tag with targeted keywords; description under 200 words containing relevant key phrases (you should also include links back to other pages on your own site); image ALT text including at least one important word or phrase related to the content of the web page; headings H1-H4 as needed throughout every webpage’s body copy. Finally, there’s an easy way to find which parts of info have not been added yet: use the On-Site Issues Overview tool by scanning through all visible

Know-How Your Target Customers Search for Content

Another reason why your site rankings are dropping is that your content isn’t matching up with what people want to find. You see, the majority of online activity happens during three specific moments: when someone needs a solution right now; they’re looking into something more in-depth about an organization or product – and finally, when it’s time to make a purchase. So if you want better search engine results that’ll bring visitors back again and again then start by updating recent blog posts so that their purpose matches any one of these categories!

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