It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest in your niche. That means reading and learning from other bloggers, experts, books, podcasts and anything else you can get your hands on that’s relevant to what you’re doing. There is a lot of content out there – more than anyone could ever keep up with! One way to make sure you don’t miss anything new is by re-reading old posts once every two weeks or so (or month).

Old posts are forgotten sources of rich traffic that can gather dust on the most ancient pages of your blog while you have no idea they’re shining bright in Google SERPs like a diamond again.

Can’t believe this? Let me prove it to you with some big names and loud numbers: HubSpot declares an increased average 106% month organic search views for old posts optimized by them, says Databox niche experts state 61-80% of their website’s visits come from old blog posts, which Backlinko boosted 260 % its organic traffic over 14 days following optimization.

Trying to stay on top of trends is never easy. So, be sure your content stays relevant and engaging with these four helpful tips for when you need a refresher:

1: Trends call for some actions of yours

Sometimes it’s the trend that will dictate which posts are updated (not just time or occasion), so keep tabs on what’s trending now!

2: Opportunity Knocks When You Least Expect It

If one post suddenly starts generating more engagement than usual from new people in your target audience who were not there before, take note; this could mean opportunity has arrived

3: Time Is A Great Healer Of Old Wounds And Blog Posts

Sometimes an old blog post can come back around as a potential source of traffic.

4. Traffic Seems to Never Calm Down or Rise Again

There are many reasons why we create content, but one that is often forgotten about in today’s world of always-on internet access and personal devices: boredom. It can be a little scary how addicted humans have become to checking their phones every few minutes for anything new happening on social media feeds — waiting with bated breath as more notifications ping onto the screen informing them who liked what they posted 20 seconds ago (and seriously, don’t forget the anticipation after posting something!). In this state of never being able to “catch up” enough by refreshing our screens even faster than before because there might just be an update from someone, you’re trying not to think about at all!

5. Keywords Undergo Serious Problems 

If you want to rank high on Google, keywords are a must and they can make or break your SEO strategy. If you don’t care about keywords now, then it’s time that you start because the difference in rankings could be huge!

You’ve probably noticed that the number of visitors to your site never seems to go up or down, but remains stagnant. This is because we are in a time where there is no such thing as “calm traffic levels.” There are always new trends and hot topics so people will keep looking for more content on those subjects, which means you need to be prepared with some advanced SEO tools like Rank Tracker Pro if you want access to all of the latest data about what keywords are trending now. Which side do you think websites fall when they have an abundance of competition? Do they rise high up into search rankings or sink low from lack of links?