Many website owners spend all of their time trying to increase traffic with no focus on conversion rates. This is a major mistake that can cost you money in the long run. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 simple ways you can increase your SEO rankings and generating more website traffic without spending a dime!

The first step is always creating an effective SEO strategy and gaining visibility in search engines for your site’s content. This can be done by identifying keywords related to your industry or niche and then using them throughout the content.

What Is an SEO Strategy?

An SEO strategy is a process you follow to gain organic traffic. Over time, search engines rank websites higher for keywords that they believe are relevant to their content.

The first step is always creating an effective SEO strategy, and you can achieve that using the following steps.

1: Know Your Keywords

Before you start optimizing your site, it’s important to know the keywords related to your niche or industry.

Keywords are used in SEO content, and they help search engines rank sites higher for relevant topics.

For example: if you were a fitness coach, your keyword might be “weight-loss strategy.”

Finding these keywords requires a little research. Think about the potential customer as you create your list of keywords. What are their needs? What kind of content are they looking for? Use the keywords to find to then make it easier for them to find your content.

2: Write Quality Content

Creating engaging content that is valuable to your target marketing will help with SEO. Write about topics that are important to your industry and provide content with value.

So again, if you’re a fitness coach, for example, write an article on how to get the most out of weight-lifting workouts or how hormones may affect fat loss.

Furthermore, be sure to publish regularly. The more time people spend reading your blog posts, the more traffic you’ll be generating.

3: Use Keywords in Your Website Page URLs

Keyword research really pays off since you can now use keywords in the title, content, and, most importantly, the URL of your website pages. This will help search engines find you with ease.

4: Use Internal Links and CTAs.

When deciding how to create an effective strategy for ranking high on search engine result pages, you want to work towards linking from high-authority web pages directly or indirectly to the page you’re working on.

These could be old blogs that you’ve written with a high SERP rank or even a Call to Action. It doesn’t have to be the equivalent of a neon sign; a subtle call to action will work just as well.

5: Add SEO Content to Your Social Media Pages

This is a great way to get more links pointing back at your website. All you need to do is become an active member of groups related to your industry and post content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or Google+.

By putting up creative images paired with SEO content on your social media, you’ll be attracting a massive following that will increase website traffic as they’ll probably want to know more about your business.

A winning SEO strategy will not only increase your website traffic, but it’ll also make it easier for you to follow an effective process and watch your website grow. Use these steps to work out your strategy, and good luck with the rest!
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