Mobile SEO is something that many people have not heard of. This article will give you a brief introduction to what it is, how to do it right, and why your business should care about it. Mobile SEO has been gaining in popularity recently because the number of mobile searches is outpacing regular desktop searches by almost 2:1. It’s time for all businesses to pay attention!

What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is a strategy that helps your website rank well in mobile search results. It’s important for businesses to be present and optimized on both mobile searches AND regular desktop/laptop searches because of the significant increase in popularity over recent years. Mobile optimization involves making small changes such as adding responsive design, testing with different screen sizes, optimizing content for viewing on smaller screens, etcetera. Thankfully you don’t have to know how to code! The best way to learn about it is by reading articles like this one or watching tutorial, A-Z step by step so anyone can do it right without much difficulty at all.

Why does my business need Mobile SEO?

The number of people searching via their phones has increased exponentially year over year.

One of the most important things to discuss when it comes to SEO is “mobile SEO.”

The number of people searching via their phones has increased exponentially year over year. In fact, it’s predicted that by the end of 2021 step so anyone can do it right without much difficulty at all.

Is Mobile SEO hard?

No, not really – if done correctly simply following some basic steps outlined in this article should get your business ranking high more than half of all searches will come from a mobile device!

What has happened When Google’s Mobile-First Index went Live?

As of July 17, 2018, Google has begun rolling out a mobile-first index. This means that websites will be ranked according to how well they render on the small screen (i.e., smartphones) rather than large screens (such as desktops). Websites must meet certain criteria in order for their rankings and search engine visibility to remain unaffected by this change:

* They should have a responsive website design with the content that is easily accessible from all devices;

* Their site’s pages should load quickly even if it has larger images or other media added;

* All of their text content should be readable without zooming into any elements such as social buttons or menus;

* Sites implementing proper Mobile SEO techniques that optimize your performance.

Mobile SEO for Beginners.

A site that covers all aspects of Mobile SEO techniques and how they can help improve your performance in search engine rankings. It also talks about what to avoid if you want to maintain a good ranking on Google, Bing or Yahoo!

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Introduction: The new e-first index means that websites now need to make it a priority to have a fully responsive mobile device.

Mobile SEO is the act of ensuring that your website is optimized for mobile devices so people can find you on their smartphones.

When It Comes to Mobile, You’ve Got 3 Options

There are 3 different ways to configure your site for mobile.

Include a separate mobile site. This option is for those who have the resources to build and maintain an entirely different website that will be optimized for smartphones, tablets, etc. If you are just starting out with your business or don’t yet know what technology stacks we use in our development process, this may not be the best choice right now.

Responsive design only: responsive design (also known as adaptive web) means that your website adapts its layout based on screen size – so it can fit any device! It’s especially great if you want to ensure a high ranking on Google searches without having to do much work at all. Responsive builds usually require less effort than building a completely separate mobile site because they share many of the same components.

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